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Belgrade Hostel

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Belgrade Hostel M is located in the middle of the very center. Just a five-minute walk from the bus station, a ten-minute drive from the train station or a twenty-minute drive from the airport, you can find accommodation in Belgrade in a completely new and renovated hostel at the best prices.

The exceptional location of the hostel in Belgrade is perfect for all individuals or groups visiting Belgrade, whether they come as backpackers, tourists or business people who demand their privacy and their peace. Despite the location of the hostel in the very center of Belgrade, you can count on the peace that Hostel M will provide you, because the very structure of this hostel was designed in order to provide every guest with a peaceful and comfortable overnight stay in Belgrade.

Hidden from the street noise, the hostel offers accommodation in different types and categories of rooms, all depending on the guests' requests. Rooms are available, from single to six-bed rooms. So in our offer you can make a choice between private rooms, as well as shared rooms, so-called dormitories.

The hostel is fully air-conditioned. Each room has a separate air conditioner so that high temperatures in the summer do not affect the quality of the stay in the hostel. In the winter period, the hostel rooms are heated to make the stay as comfortable as possible for our guests.

The use of Wi-Fi Internet, as well as parking for motorbikes and bicycles, is free of charge.

Parking for cars is available on the street, as well as in large garages located near the hostel. All additional information about the locations of the mentioned parking lots and garages, the zonal parking system and parking prices can be found at the following Parking service link:



Parking service in Belgrade



You can also use the application of the mentioned service to pay for the desired parking. You can download the Parking service application at the following link:

The self-service kitchen is available free of charge to hostel guests, as well as the use of coffee and tea. In addition, clean bed linen, towels and hot water in the bathrooms are provided.

The hostel has prescribed and valid fire protection in accordance with the Law on Fire Protection of the RS and based on the Decision issued by the competent authority, whereby Hostel M is one of the few hostels that meets the requirements in this area.

Important! In case you arrive at the hostel before the reception time starts, that is, before 12:00pm, you can leave your luggage in the hostel and, if you wish, wait in the hostel lobby until the reception time begins. The time of reception of guests (check-in) starts from 12:00pm, while the time of departure (check-out) from the Belgrade hostel is no later than 11:00am on the day of departure.



The Republic Square | Hostel M in Belgrade



Given that Hostel M in Belgrade is located near all interesting places worth visiting and which can be of great importance to our guests, the location of the hostel itself allows for a carefree stay with the knowledge that all interesting locations in Belgrade are close to the hostel and only a few minutes' walk away. Here are some examples of interesting locations that are very close to Hostel M in Belgrade...


The Republic Square, as well as one of the main promenades in Belgrade - Knez Mihailova Street, are only a ten-minute walk from Hostel M in Belgrade. From the Republic Square, it takes five minutes to walk to the Parliament of Serbia, which is located near two parks - Pioneer Park and Tašmajdan Park, within which there is a pool complex also known as Tasmajdan.



Kalemegdan, The Park | Hostel M in Belgrade



Kalemegdan Park, where many cultural and sports events are held, is a twenty-minute walk from Belgrade Hostel M. To reach Kalemegdan Park by tram, you will need about ten minutes from Hostel M. Within this park there is a Zoo, as and the National Observatory and Planetarium.



Belgrade Waterfront | Hostel in Belgrade



The Sava Quay is a new tourist attraction in Belgrade and is located fifteen minutes' walk from Belgrade Hostel M. This is the most popular promenade in Belgrade, which is full of many interesting details and activities.

On the following link, see a brief aerial shot of Belgrade Waterfront.


Belgrade Waterfront on Youtube | The Sava Quay



Belgrade Waterfront | Hostel in Belgrade



With numerous facilities, such as the Gallery of Belgrade on the Water, the amphitheater under the Branko Bridge, Savaplay, restaurants, bars, you will experience a completely new experience in this modern, newly built part of Belgrade.



Ušće, The Park | Belgrade Hostel M



The place where the Sava River flows into the Danube, or the part of Belgrade known as Ušće, can be visited in about a fifteen-minute walk from Belgrade Hostel M. Many cultural and sports events are also held at Ušće, including a large number of musical events. Here you can visit a large number of restaurants located on rafts that offer a variety of food and drinks, including their own music program.



Slavia, The Square | Belgrade Hostel M



You can reach Slavija Square in a five-minute tram ride or a fifteen-minute walk from Hostel M in Belgrade. If you continue along Bulevar Oslobođenja street, in about ten minutes, you will reach the largest Orthodox temple in the world, better known as the Temple of Saint Sava.



Saint Sava, The Church | Belgrade Hostel M



For all the necessary information or reservations, you can contact the staff of Hostel M in Belgrade, who will be happy to meet you.



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